Home Automation

A home automation system integrates all of the systems already installed in a property together to allow seamless control and personalised experiences. Multiple remote controls can be put to one side to make way for one that does everything. Control every aspect of a home from wherever using a smartphone, tablet, PC, touchscreen, remote or keypad. The systems we install have an easy to use interface that ensures controlling a home will be effortless, despite the complexity that goes on behind the scenes.

“Easy to use interface that ensures controlling a home will be effortless”


Watch / Listen

Simply select your favourite movie or album to play.

Door Entry copy


Always know your home is safe with remote access to cameras and burglar alarm wherever you are in the world.



Set the temperature of a room and lighting scene before you even step through the front door.

Control 4 Gold Dealer

This status demonstrates our regular use of Control 4 and the exceptional level of service that we provide. Control 4 is a proven reliable solution for anybody looking to connect together all of the equipment in their home.


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