Multi-Room Home Audio

Your favourite music in multiple rooms

The idea of walking between all of the rooms in your home immersed in crystal clear audio from your favourite music library or radio station is appealing to most. Multiple sources can be made available to multiple rooms around your home with different music playing in different rooms or the same throughout. Enjoy streaming your favourite song in the shower whilst a family member listens to the radio in the kitchen. CTS Systems use some of the leading brands on the market to achieve multi-room audio.

“I most enjoy being able to transform a room’s atmosphere simply with my favourite music”

Discreet or show off, your choice

The available options for speakers are widely varied and the recommended options will be designed with your personal preference in mind. Many people prefer a minimalist design for their interior in which in-wall or ceiling speakers are the preferred option. However, for those true audio enthusiasts, bookshelf or freestanding speakers are equally viable options.

Pause or play, you’re in control from anywhere

Control of the award winning systems we install is always at your fingertips. Whether it be an app on your smart device, button on a remote, keypad or touchscreen, you can control your music from anywhere.

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